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Talk to Your Furry Friend with Our Dog Communication Buttons

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Dog Communication Buttons Voice Recording Button for Pet Training Buzzer 30 Second Record Playback Funny Gift for Talking


Have you ever wondered what your dog is trying to tell you? With our amazing Dog Communication Buttons, you can finally understand your furry friend! These easy-to-use buttons allow your dog to express their needs and wants, whether they're hungry, thirsty, need to go for a walk, or just want to play.


Dog Buttons For Communication--Our cat and dog buttons for communication let you choose the words you want to teach your pet. You can record commands such as “food,” “drink,” “outside,” “mom,” “yes,” and “no” to let your pet communicate with you; with a little patience, you can understand your pet's thoughts.

30s Clear Recording, Dog Talking Button Set-- The dog buttons for communication allows you to record up to 30 seconds of clear sound, while you can record different sounds over and over again. Plus, it's small and portable, perfect for family gatherings and games during picnics and outings. Very practical and fun!

Product specifications:

  • Net weight of product: 57 grams
  • Input voltage: 3V (Applicable two No. 7 AAA battery)Need to purchase your own
  • Recording time: 30 seconds


Attention!!! Due to logistics and transportation reasons, the battery needs to be provided, we will not provide No. 7 batteries.



There are many benefits to using Dog Communication Buttons. They can help to:

  • Strengthen the bond between you and your dog
  • Improve communication and understanding
  • Reduce frustration and anxiety
  • Make training easier
  • Simply make life more fun for you and your dog!

Product Features

  • High-quality recording and sound playback
  • Durable construction that can withstand even the most enthusiastic paws
  • Easy to read and understand buttons
  • Portable and lightweight design that can be taken anywhere


How it works

Dog Communication Buttons are simple to use. Just record a word or phrase into each button, and then place them in a location where your dog can see and reach them. When your dog wants to communicate something, they will simply press the button that corresponds to their need.


Order Yours Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to deepen your connection with your furry friend. Order our Dog Communication Buttons today and start communicating with your dog in a whole new way!

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