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Pet Nail Clipper Cutter

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Pet Cat Dog Nail Clipper Cutter With Steel flat comb Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors Clippers Set for Pet Claws Dog Supplies

[Product Introduction] :

Beautiful and durable, light to feel, the handle is covered with soft EVA material, ergonomic, comfortable and labor-saving, the special plastic on the handle feels very good, and has the function of anti-slip.

The use of professional dog nail clippers, convenient health, not only to avoid the possibility of cross infection of diseases, but also more quickly and ensure that the baby to complete the "work", why not?

Intimate flat mouth design, so that your pet is no longer afraid of cutting nails, beauty is also a virtue oh ~~~~~ remember not to cut baby nails!

[Note] : The size of the product is manually measured by the physical horizontal placement, there may be an error of 1 ~ 3cm, please pay attention to and consider this factor when buying! All product pictures are taken in real objects. There may be color difference with real objects due to the differences in lighting and display. This kind of problem does not belong to the product quality problem.

[Usage Method] :

Step 1 Put your dog or cat on your lap and gently touch its head to calm them down.

2. Take one of your feet and use a special toenail clipper to cut off the long toenails one by one.

3. Angle your toenail clippers at 45 degrees.

4. Don't cut too close to the root (dark and opaque) or it will bleed.

5. If you bleed carelessly, you should immediately use cotton and hemostatic agent to stop bleeding.

6. After cutting the toenails, cut the sole hair of the foot until it is flat with the foot pad. If it is too long, the pet will slip, and if it is too short, the wall of the foot will be easily injured by hard objects.

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