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Dog Sniffing Mat for Nose Training & Slow Feeding

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Pet Dog Snuffle Mat Nose Smell Training Sniffing Pad Dog Puzzle Toy Slow Feeding Bowl Food Dispenser Carpet interesting Dog Toys

Material: Plush

Size: (Due to the manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3 cm.)

Category: Chewing Toys

Color: Colorful (Due to the different monitors, there will be some color differences.)


  1. GOOD -- Non-toxic and harmless, add interest, non-slip back. Meet the dog's sniffing needs. Improve the dog's ability to sniff. Reduce the behavior of picking up rubbish outside. Release the dog's excess energy. Exercise slow food, reduce the workload of the digestive system. Relieve separation anxiety and release stress
  2. SNIFFING TRAINING -- The research shows that sniffing for 10 minutes equals an hour of running. This dog feeding mat draining the dog's energy and relieving their stress. You just hide your dog's favorite snack in the corner of this play mat.
  3. NOVEL DESIGN -- A combination of intelligence and molars allows dogs to grind their teeth while eating. The multiple-use dog puzzle toy helps you save time and effort.
  4. FUNNY -- This colorful pet mat is more attractive to pets and stimulates the fun of their play. Don't worry that you don't have time to take him out for a walk.
  5. DURABLE & WELL MADE -- Made of high quality soft Plush, the dog food mat featurs comfort and durability. Washable and easy to clean.
  6. PORTABLE & FOLDABLE -- The dog mat can be folded to a small size, and come with a handle. You can carry it anywhere or hang it in your apartment, bedroom, living room, terrace, balcony or garden. Easy to store and carry. Ideal for indoor and outdoor activities for pets.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Simply hand wash the Dog Sniffing Mat with mild soap and water for quick and easy cleaning. The lightweight and portable design makes it convenient to store and travel with.

Product Benefits:

  • Encourages natural foraging instincts
  • Provides mental stimulation and reduces boredom
  • Promotes slow eating and prevents digestive issues
  • Safe and durable construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Product Specifications:

  • Material: High-quality polyester
  • Dimensions: 31" x 19"
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Machine washable
Package Includes:

1 x Pet Sniffing Pad

Unleash Your Dog's Natural Foraging Instincts with the Dog Sniffing Mat for Nose Training & Slow Feeding

Engage your canine companion's mind and senses with the Dog Sniffing Mat, a stimulating toy that mimics the natural hunt for food. This innovative mat features a variety of textures and hiding spots, encouraging your dog to use their keen sense of smell to uncover hidden treats or kibble.



Enriching Mental Stimulation

Satisfy your dog's innate desire to forage with this interactive puzzle toy. The Dog Sniffing Mat provides hours of mental stimulation, preventing boredom and destructive behaviors. It's a great way to keep your furry friend engaged and entertained while you're away.


Promotes Slow Eating

Combat gulping and overeating with this innovative feeding mat. The Dog Sniffing Mat slows down mealtime, allowing your dog to savor their food and preventing digestive issues. It's an ideal solution for dogs who tend to eat too fast.


Safe and Durable Construction

Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, the Dog Sniffing Mat is safe for your pet to chew and paw at. The durable construction ensures long-lasting enjoyment, making it a worthwhile investment for your canine companion's well-being.



Order Your Dog Sniffing Mat Today and Unleash Your Dog's Natural Hunting Instincts!

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