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How to Take Care of an English Bulldog Puppy (Unlimited Bulldog Guide)

How to care for an English bulldog?


If you are thinking of getting an English bulldog, here are some tips:


To start, begin feeding your English bulldog with a balanced diet that is rich in meats and less on the grains. Some vegetables are okay. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times. Bulldogs tend to be quite messy with their drinking habits and spill frequently. Try using a shallow bowl to minimize spillage.


Once a week, inspect your dog’s ears for discoloration. The inner ear, which normally matches the color of the dog’s coat, should not be oozing any fluids, or have an odor. Some indicators of infection are scratching more than normal, either with the paw or against objects, and shaking head excessively. Contact a veterinary if this does happen and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. On top of inspection, a bulldog’s ears should be cleaned out regularly (about once a month) using a cotton swap of hydrogen peroxide.


A few times a week, or even daily, a bulldogs teeth should be cleaned. This cleaning gives you a good opportunity to inspect for sores, growths, loose, and damaged teeth. A full bulldog mouth cleaning should only take about 40 seconds. During this time, also check inside the many folds characteristic of a English bulldog for obvious signs of infection. This is also a place where fleas, ticks, mites, and fungus likes to hide and multiply.


English bulldogs are sensitive to both cold weather, and hot weather. Anything below 60°F is too cold for a bulldog. Have a fitted sweater present when going on trips, and handy nearby in the winter months.Also, above 90°F is too hot. Provide additional water if need be, and provide some kind of protection from direct sunlight during those high temperatures.



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